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Chanze LaMott, Owner/President
Gold's Gym, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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There have been thousands of diet books written..."all protein," "no meat," "protein for 10 days," "only natural," "lose the dairy," "eat raw," "no carbs," "some carbs," "only what you can get through a straw"...they're written by medical doctors, personal trainers, dieticians, therapists, vegans, movie stars...using studies, scientific data, research papers, medical reports and voices from God.

...This book has none of these.

Diet 'til You Die and Finally Live was created by me, a wife and mother of three. After struggling with my own weight for years, I figured out an easy way to lose it and a fun, food-filled way to keep it off.

No crazy rules from professionals who don't know what it feels like to feel horrible in their own body. Instead, it's simple and realistic advice from the perpective of someone who's been there.

Diet 'til you Die and Finally Live!

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